Upon its own initiative, based on information from the media that in Jagodina a mother to five children died today due to injuries suffered after having been beaten by her extramarital partner who was arrested, the Protector of Citizens initiated the oversight procedure of legality and regularity of the operation of the City Center for Social Work there and Ministry of Interior.

The Protector of Citizens requires from Jagodina Center for Social Work to provide information not later than within 15 days if the extramarital partner and killed wife are in their records, if in the previous period there were reports of violence, if they were considered in the Group for coordination and cooperation with special emphasis on the measures and activities which the Center, in cooperation with other organs, potentially took in order to provide adequate support and protection to the victim of partner violence.

It requires from the Ministry of Interior to submit within the same deadline a detailed report on acting of competent police administration in this case, as well as on the realized cooperation with the competent center for social work, prosecutor’s office and other authorities upon earlier reports of partner violence, if they were filed as well as if such actions of police were in compliance with the obligations prescribed by the Law on prevention of domestic violence.