The Protector of Citizens, on his own initiative, and based on reports from the media that a nurse employed by GAK "Narodni Front" live-streamed childbirth on the Tik-Tok social network, as well that, since June last year, she has been sharing videos and photos from the delivery room, launched a control investigation into the legality and regularity of work of this health care institution and the Health Inspection Department of the Ministry of Health.

The Protector of Citizens requested from GAK "Narodni Front" to inform him within 15 days about all the circumstances of this case, as well as whether activities have been undertaken to determine whether the nurse also published recordings in the period before the live transmission of the childbirth, as a result of which disciplinary proceedings were initiated against her and she was suspended from work, as well as whether appropriate measures and actions available to the employer were accordingly taken.

The Protector of Citizens asked the Ministry of Health, Department for Inspection Affairs – Health Inspection Department, to inform him within the same period about all the circumstances of this case, the actions that have been taken in the meantime, and especially whether they have undertaken measures to initiate misdemeanour proceedings against the nurse who published the recordings from the delivery room, based on the Law on the Rights of Patients, due to violation of the right to privacy and confidentiality.