The Protector of Citizens welcomed the adoption of the new Law on Safety and Health at Work, which is currently in the parliamentary procedure and which should introduce several important changes in improving the position of workers, such as the introduction of the concepts of work from home and remote work, mandatory trainings in the field of safety, but also the responsibility of the employees themselves for injuries at work. This is also very important due to the fact that many workers work in conditions that pose a risk to their health and safety, and insufficient implementation of laws and regulations often results in workers not receiving adequate protection.

The Protector of Citizens, Zoran Pašalić, wishing everyone a happy International Labour Day, emphasized today that dignified work, decent and fair wages, safe and healthy working conditions, as well as the right to unionize, are values that are key to creating a fairer society and satisfied citizens.

Caring for workers, improving their rights and positions must be among the state's priorities. It is necessary to raise the quality of working conditions, especially for those who work in the most difficult jobs, and access to adequate legal protection as well as equal opportunities for advancement, further improve the position of workers, Pašalić pointed out.